The Problem

Every year, billions of people worldwide face chronic water insecurity.

While clean water may be available from a variety of sources, moving it from the source to the point of end use has been a persistent challenge.  How can we safely, efficiently transport water to the people who need it most?

The Solution

WaterVest allows for the easy transport of water.

Deployed during a disaster with water generation systems or used in conjunction with any existing source of fresh, safe drinking water, WaterVest can carry enough water to support an entire family simply, inexpensively and efficiently.

WaterVest is:

 watervest-droplet-bulletInexpensive. One vest is roughly the cost of a heavy duty plastic garbage bag.

watervest-droplet-bulletAdaptable. Considered “one size fits all,” the vest is filled to the user’s comfort limit, and no more.

watervest-droplet-bulletEfficient. A single vest carried by one person can transport 40 liters, or enough water for a family of four for four days.

watervest-droplet-bulletClean. Self-sealing, the vest prevents debris from falling in and contaminating the water. Utensils are not needed to be dipped into the supply, preventing the sharing of germs and disease among a family.

watervest-droplet-bulletEco-friendly. The vest is recyclable and reusable, eliminating plastic pollution.

watervest-droplet-bulletSafe. Materials are fully food safe and do not leach toxins.

watervest-droplet-bulletCompact. Densely packaged and ruggedized for shipment into even the most austere environments, the vest significantly reduces logistics costs and burdens.

watervest-droplet-bulletVersatile. Other possibilities include adding pharmaceuticals or other additives, such as electrolytes, to aid in the distribution of drugs and life-sustaining nutrients throughout a community.